Thursday, July 2, 2009

5th Lyonnian Regiment: A 40k Army Log, #1

Okay, first of all, some rules.

1) I will buy a few units every month, with a total money expenditure of 50 dollars every month. I'm willing to go a little bit over, maybe ten dollars or twenty if pushed, but it shouldn't be a monthly occurance. Money not spent will be carried over to next month.
2) I will buy at *least* one unit a month.
3) I will try to play at least one game a month with my army. That is of course after I get a few more units, since Guard armies rely on numbers and I don't even have the minimum required units to use.
4) Although this is my blog, I'm very willing to listen to advice on tactics and units, and names for those units. Feel free to comment.

Alright. Here goes.

May 2009: first month
Imperial Guard Cadian Shock Troopers (10 models), $35
Lord Commissar (1 model), $25
Total units bought: 2
Total money spent: 60 dollars

For the start of my army, I bought two units: Cadian Shock Trooper squad and a Lord Commissar.

The Imperial Guard is made up of millions of foot soldiers, such as the Cadian Shock Troopers. Thus they're a necessary requirement for any Imperial Guard army, and a good foundation. They're a 'Troops' choice, and thus I need at least two of these units to form a valid army.

An army also needs a HQ choice, and for this I had purchased a Lord Commissar. A Commissar with years of experience and a history of heroism, a legend in his own time. His life is a story of rallies and unbreaking discipline. To be honest I don't expect to use the model this early on: however, he's *very* pretty, and I had a lot of fun painting him. Plus, commissars are particularly useful in keeping armies under control, or so I hear.

Next month, I intend to buy another squad of shock troopers, to build up my foundation.


I painted the Guardsmen in a simple colour scheme. I undercoated them with skull white. The tunic is a base enchanted blue, with a trim of enchanted blue and skull white. The trousers are a mix of Elf flesh and skull white, whilst the armour is a mix of codex grey and skull white. The guns were painted with chainmail, with the same paint as the armour applied over the coverings.

The colour scheme of the guardsmen was designed to be reminiscent of the uniform colours of the French Army during the 18th and 19th centuries, hence the blue and cream trousers.

The Commissar is a far more complicated and detailed model. I gave him a chaos black undercoat, and went over the actual black areas (his trousers, his sleeves, the bottom of his tunic, and the top of his hat) with a slightly lightened black, which I then highlighted with a codex grey/chaos black mix. The inside of his cloak was a far more complex mix of red, blue and black, creating a very royal and rich burgundy colour. The outside of the cloak is a dark grey, so it's different from the black of his uniform but not so different as to break coherence. The Lord Commissar wears a red vest over his black tunic, which you can see above. The red was a 3:1 mix of Blood Red and Skull White, to give it the requisite bright red without making it pink (a pink commissar would look very interesting, it must be said). I also used this colour for his hat, his cuffs and the ribbons of his medals. The chestplate he wears I first painted with chainmail, which I also used on his shoulder pads, gun and sword. I used mythril silver for the fur top of his cloak (it's hard to see in the photo, my apologies). His belt buckle and the Imperial Aquila on the chestplate was painted with shining gold, which I also used for the trim of his hat, cuffs and trouser cuffs. The sash he wears was painted with enchanted blue mixed heavily with white, highlighted with white. The tassels at the end of the sash were painted gold, as were his medals and the chain for his cloak. His face was painted with bronzed flesh mixed with white. His facial scars were painted very lightly with a light red. Finally, I painted the laurel on his hat goblin green, and he was finished.

The Commissars in the Imperial Guard have a very striking, unique colour scheme, one I tried to stick to as much as possible. As such he tends to not 'blend in' with the rest of the army, but that's okay: as a political officer, it's not his job to be one of the men, only to ensure they don't break in the middle of a scrap.

There will (most likely) be no battle this month.

Next month, I intend to buy two more units: I'm thinking another Shock Trooper squad, and something else.

Thanks for reading! See you next month!

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