Thursday, July 2, 2009

5th Lyonnian Regiment: A 40k Army Log Intro

So I have an idea for something I want to write.

I'm into Warhammer 40,000 in a big way. My father was into it as well, and passed tidbits onto me whilst not actively guiding me into the game. I stumbled across Games Workshop's monthly model magazine, White Dwarf, in a news agency, when I was about ten. Intrigued by the cover, I bought it, read it, and was enraptured. I recognised some of the elements from my childhood, when I played (and mangled) the 40k spinoff 'Space Crusade'. I bought next month's magazine, and the one after that, and so on. I told my parents about my interest.

That Christmas, I was given a good, solid foundation for a Space Marine army, as well as the main rules. That was nine years ago. On and off I collected, since for many years I just didn't have the money to allocate to actively building up my army. Last year, however, I started getting a wage of my own, with fairly good money, and I returned to collecting. All up, I have around ninety or so Space Marines, with five vehicles: a rather large army. However, in nine years of playing, I've never played a proper game with my own army.

Recently, however, I had an idea. I was reading through my old White Dwarf magazines, and I noticed they were doing a monthly feature where one of the fellows started collecting a new army, and would spend 40 pounds every month building it up, and playing it and testing it out. I figured, since I have the money and newly-found freedom, that I could do the same. I would start collecting a new army: Imperial Guard, the foot soldiers of the Imperium of Man. Every month I'd write a post (or series of posts) featuring their growth, and their performance in games.

My mind got to working. They would be the 1st Company of the 5th Lyonnian Regiment, an Imperial Guard company hailing from the Lyonna system in the Segmentum Pacificus in the Galactic West. A (relatively) well-managed system, the Lyonna System has two inhabited planets: Lyonna Primus and Lyonna II.

Unfortunately, Lyonna is continually beset by Ork invasions. To the credit of the defence forces of Lyonna Primus, most invasions have been broken with limited help from the Imperium's other military forces. An exception to this was the Waaagh of Ork Gorkamundus, who nearly overran Lyonna Primus. Only with the aid of several regiments of Imperial Guard and a Space Marine chapter was the Waaagh driven off Lyonna Primus, where immediately after the Imperial Governor pushed the forces on, exterminating (effectively) the Orks who mostly controlled Lyonna II, which was extensively colonised.

This post is becoming rather long, so I'll create another one immediately after which will be the first *real* post. Read on!

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